At Momentum Services, we are keenly aware that the manner in which we conduct ourselves and the way we execute not only impact our reputation, but the overall success of the project. Our well-established policies procedures stress our emphasis on the well-being of the communities in which we operate, of our staff, our partners, and the environment. And those policies are revised to adhere to the unique needs and best practices of every project we take on. 

Momentum Services workforce solutions deliver substantial reductions to operating costs, saving our customers millions of dollars on single project cycles.

Momentum Services provides complete skilled and unskilled staffing solutions, including;

  • Local and international recruitment & onboarding
  • Temp staffing
  • Testing/assessment: Language, skills, health.
  • Vetting/certification
  • Basic to comprehensive background checks
  • Daily on-the-job personnel management
  • Vacation management and planning
  • Medical & life insurance: defense base act, 3rd party liability, and death in service
  • Accommodation, transport, and food services
  • Country and region induction plans
  • Rotational staff travel management
  • Deployment management
  • Onsite HR, payroll and cash management
  • High-risk region travel services
  • Sponsorship and visa/works permit
  • 24-7 staff support helpline
  • Medevac and emergency evacuations
  • Comprehensive staff travel management/corporate travel service