Momentum Services can rapidly deliver a wide range of vehicles, handling equipment and generators to remote areas. These are available on a sale or lease basis, complete with a full maintenance service using original equipment manufacturer parts and factory-trained technicians.

We do more than just secure the vehicles for your fleet. We control the supply chain for you. We purchase, lease, transport, charter the plane and arrange delivery to the final destination by land.

Vehicle and Equipment Procurement and Leasing options

  • Fleet analysis – current fleet and future fleet, deciding which vehicles and equipment are best for each particular mission and environment
  • Placing fleets in hard to access regions
  • Scheduled maintenance services
  • Extensive body repair
  • Cannibalisation services
  • Import arrangement
  • Leasing and maintenance management
  • Warehouse and technicians and staff
  • Maintenance managers and trainers
  • Construction and operation of necessary maintenance and warehousing facilities

Momentum Services maintains the vehicles and handles every logistical hurdle along the way, including financing, licensing, precarious road conditions, security risks and more.