Momentum Services Completes Maternity Ward in Lomé, Togo.

A safe place for delivery: Momentum Services completes a much-needed maternity ward facility in Togo to serve mothers and their newborns.

Momentum Services has just completed construction of a maternity and birthing facility serving the Amoutivé community of Lomé, Togo to help combat the region’s high mother and infant mortality rates and provide a safe place for women to receive treatment and give birth.

“We are proud to play a role in helping to provide a safe place for the women of Amoutivé to give birth and give them and their babies the treatment they so require.”

-Micheline Pollock, CEO, Momentum Services

LOMÉ, TOGO—November 15, 2016. A Momentum Services-constructed, 16-room maternity ward was handed over last week in the Amoutivé neighborhood of Lomé, Togo, providing a safe, well-equipped facility for the 45 babies who are born in this community each week—as well as peace of mind and treatment for their mothers.

The new, US government-commissioned facility is a humanitarian project designed and constructed by Dubai-based Momentum Services and features patient exams rooms, administration offices, labour and delivery rooms, sleeping quarters for midwives on overnight shifts, patient recovery rooms, as well as toilet and shower facilities.

Ian Roper of Momentum Services delivers the donation of medical supplies to Mrs. Koko Komlamvi (West Africa Operations Manager) and Health Services committee members.
Ian Roper of Momentum Services delivers the medical supplies to Mrs. Koko Komlamvi (West Africa Operations Manager) and the Health Services committee members.

“The whole community is very happy with the results. It gives the expectant mothers a chance to recover from the birth of their child knowing that they are in a safe and protected environment,” said Mr. Roper.

Momentum Services and Momentum Solutions have also donated a shipment of medical supplies, including maternity medicine valued at $150,000 USD.

“We’re honored to have been involved in such an impactful project, and pleased to be able to give back to this wonderful facility and the people of Togo,” said Momentum CEO Stephen Arbib.

Official Handover to Community Members
Mr. Roper (Momentum Services Logistics Procurement and Services Manager ) shakes the hands of the Community members at the official handover of the new Maternity Ward in Togo.

An Urgent Crisis

Childbirth is a very pressing issue in Togo, where infant and mother deaths occur in 1 out of every 5 births. According to the World Health organization, 2 in 3 African women go without the emergency obstetric care they need. And some 60 percent of these women give birth at home, without the help of a qualified attendant.

“I feel both privileged and proud to have played a role in helping to provide a safe place for the women of Amoutivé to give birth and give them and their babies the treatment they so require,” said Momentum Services CEO Micheline Pollock who was recently in Amoutivé meeting with the clinic representatives.

“But I am especially grateful for the perseverance of the Momentum Services team. Ian and his crew employed 100% local Togolese tradesman for the completion of this clinic. They were motivated daily by the knowledge that their work would actually save the lives of local women and children.”

Front Entrance and waiting area
The new Front entrance to the Maternity Ward

About Momentum Services

Momentum Services is a US registered subsidiary of Momentum Solutions, a Canadian registered and owned company headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

Momentum Services’s experience delivering fast-track solutions in sensitive, hazardous environments has created a culture where by safety is an absolute priority.

Momentum Services expertly navigates the political, social and commercial obstacles in challenging regions for the fast-track design, building and maintenance of high demand projects in high-risk regions—largely Africa and the Middle East. And their experienced teams adhere to the strictest of timelines and budgets with a focus on efficiency and sustainability—every time.

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