Momentum Services expertly navigates the political, social and commercial obstacles in high-risk regions for the fast-track design, building and maintenance of challenging projects throughout Africa, the Middle East, and worldwide. Our experienced teams adhere to the strictest of timelines and budgets with a focus on efficiency, humanitarianism and sustainability—every time.


As part of the Momentum Solutions Group, Momentum Services is backed by a robust purchasing program and strong local and global manpower. This uniquely poises us to deliver life support and facility management of the highest caliber. And we’ve proven this time and time again with our decades of experience in some of the largest, most hazardous, and most complex operational locales in the world.


Our projects and customers span the globe: 

United Nations, United States Government, U.S Army, U.S Airforce, British Government, UNOPS JICA, USAID, NATO, Northrup Grumman, World Bank, PAE and Fluor Corporation, and many other esteemed government, military, and FTSE 100 customers.

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